Friday, February 27, 2009

Lenten Updates

I haven't been up on this thing for a while so I'm going to post up what I've decided to give up for Lent since it has begun yet again.

I am giving up:
Coffee (or basically, Starbucks)
Being mean/insulting people

And wow.
In the two+ days that have passed since Lent began on Wednesday, I've already messed up on two of them. I've realized that in order for me to completely avoid cussing, I need to not drive at all, as my road rage and annoyances with other drivers overcome my desire to not say anything. GAH. Also, in order to stop being mean and insulting people, I really should just keep my mouth shut....or at least avoid certain people who typically elicit such responses.

It will be a trying (now) 45 days. Pray for me.

By the way, if you do catch me doing any one of these, feel free to hit me in the arm.

Texting + Corniness = ?


I still love texting. And you all know that I can be really corny.

So what happens when you combine the two?

Something good....I hope.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Study Habits


I don't know what happened to me. I used to be this diligent little studier. Now, I rarely actually study.

Okay, that's not true. I still actually do study, but only for a few classes, I've noticed. Even during my best academic quarters, I rarely studied. Hmmm, which classes have I actually put a lot of effort into studying?

EE classes (though some more so than others)
Psych 210 (memorizing)
ESS 101 (memorizing)
Music 162 (memorizing)
CSE 143

Wow. I only study if it's an important class, or one that requires lots of memorization. A lot of the classes that I just don't study for have been really easy ones that have simple multiple-choice tests. And for some reason, I can do really well with those with little studying. It's weird.

Anyway....back to my problem. It's come to the point where I'll only study if I care enough about the class. And lately, I haven't been caring about most of my classes.

Well then, Jeremy, it's time to start caring again. Haha, and with only 1.5 quarters left, it's about time.

Wow. Not that I don't care about school or anything. I love school, actually. It's just that, at this point, only a few classes (EE ones) are actually important. Others are much less important.

Oh....and with regards to not studying for MSE 170 last night, I have an extremely valid excuse: I was giddy. For all the right reasons.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


is cool.

I love it sometimes.



Gah, I hate carrying this cash box.
And my laptop.

I swear, I'm going to have horrible back pain by the time I'm 35.

Spring Quarter....and beyond

Wow. I register in 4 days, and I only know, for sure, one of the three classes I'm taking. After I take this class, I am free to graduate, so I technically only need to take five credits. The EE department has no problem with that. However, my loan does; I need to be a fully-matriculated student in order to reap the benefits of that loan. Therefore, I'll need 7 more credits, and choosing which classes to take is a pain.

I know I'm definitely taking EE 478. I will probably end up taking EE 351 too, just so I can say that I have taken a power class. The third class is the hard one. Hard in terms of choosing, that is. Right now, with 478 being my capstone class, I will definitely want to take an easy class. I also really want to take a class with at least one other person (it's been pretty lonely in EE these past two years).

Easy class = Astronomy 150
People class = AES 151

Decisions, decisions.

Does the fact that I've never taken a class like 151 hinder or encourage me? How about the fact that I used to love astronomy when I was younger? Do I factor in which people are taking these classes?

Pros for 150: easy, astronomy-related
Cons for 150: 80 minute lecture, the classroom it's in

Pros for 151: the people I know who are definitely taking it, the fact that it's a Bonus class, the fact that I've never taken a class like this
Cons for 151: not as easy as 150, the fact that I've never taken a class like this, the fact that I have to wait until period 2 to register


Oh and by the way......holy crap I'm graduating in a quarter. That thought thrills me, yet also completely scares me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jeremy 1 and Jeremy 2

First we have the same name.
Then we have the same car.
Now we have the same blogspot style.

It's a Jeremy thing, huh.

Note to self: must find new template to use....or at least change the color scheme.

Update: Done.

Blogging: Take 125153262235

I've always had urges to start blogs, yet whenever I end up doing so, I always fail miserably. I always maintain it for a couple of weeks and then just forget about it.

Here's hoping that I stay consistent....for a month, at least, haha.